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North-Facing Abodes: Enhancing Prosperity with Vastu Principles

Whether you’re considering building a new north facing house or aiming to revamp the Vastu of your current abode, understanding the fundamental principles is key. Perhaps you’ve contemplated enlisting the expertise of a Vastu consultant to infuse your living space with harmonious energies. Well, now is the opportune moment to embark on this journey towards aligning your home with positive vibrations. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of North facing house Vastu, exploring tips and insights to foster wealth and prosperity within your living environment.

Dispelling Myths: The Essence of North Facing House Vastu

Contrary to popular belief, not all north-facing houses are inherently auspicious according to Vastu Shastra. While the north is often associated with the domain of Lord Kubera, the harbinger of wealth, the efficacy of a north-facing house hinges upon various factors beyond mere orientation. As a seasoned Vastu expert and civil engineer, I emphasize the significance of nuances such as the positioning of the main door, spatial arrangement, furniture alignment, and color schemes in determining the Vastu compliance of a dwelling.

Understanding North Facing House Vastu: Demystifying Orientation

The orientation of a north facing house is often misconstrued as simply being dictated by the presence of a road to the north. However, in Vastu terminology, the true essence lies in the alignment of the main entrance. A dwelling is deemed north facing if the main door opens towards the northern wall or if upon entering, one faces the south wall. This distinction is pivotal in ascertaining the Vastu orientation of a property.

The Myth of Universality: Auspiciousness and Individuality in North Facing House Vastu

In the realm of Vastu Shastra, the auspiciousness of a direction is not universal but rather intricately linked to individual predispositions. While some may find prosperity in a north-facing abode, others may thrive better in alternative orientations based on their inherent nature, occupation, and astrological influences. Through years of practice, I’ve discerned that certain professions, such as those in finance, health, and media, tend to reap favorable outcomes from north-facing residences.

Optimizing North Facing House Vastu: Practical Considerations

The placement of the main entrance holds paramount importance in maximizing the Vastu potential of a north facing house. Ideally, positioning the main door in auspicious “padas,” such as Soma or Mukhya, facilitates the influx of positive energies associated with wealth and prosperity. Collaborating with a Vastu expert ensures meticulous calculation and alignment of the main entrance, harnessing auspicious vibrations for the occupants.

Navigating Spatial Dynamics: Integrating Vastu Principles

Beyond the main entrance, attention to spatial elements such as staircase placement, puja room positioning, and kitchen orientation significantly impacts the overall Vastu harmony. Strategic placement of these components in alignment with Vastu tenets fosters a conducive environment for wealth accumulation and well-being within the household.

Guiding Principles: Dos and Don’ts for North Facing House Vastu

To optimize the Vastu potential of a north-facing dwelling, adhering to prescribed guidelines is imperative:


  1. Prioritize the placement of the main entrance in auspicious “padas” like Soma.
  2. Construct shorter walls in the North East segment of the plot.
  3. Strategically position the septic tank or toilet in the west, east, or north-east direction.
  4. Cultivate a money plant on the north side of the house to attract wealth.
  5. Designate the master bedroom in the east, west, or south corner for optimal energy flow.
  6. Incorporate auspicious Vastu symbols like swastika or Om within the house.
  7. Install the electric circuit board on the southeast side for efficient energy distribution.
  8. Designate the puja room in the east, north-east, or west corner.
  9. Situate the living room in the northeast direction to harness positive energies.
  10. Select a plot that slopes from south to north for enhanced Vastu benefits.


  1. Disregard other factors when investing in a north-facing house.
  2. Avoid placing bedrooms or washrooms in the northeast direction.
  3. Refrain from locating the main door in the 6th pada to mitigate health concerns.
  4. Steer clear of positioning the kitchen in the northeast corner; opt for the north-west or south-east instead.
  5. Abstain from painting the north-facing house with maroon, yellow, or red hues.
  6. Avoid landscaping or greenery in the north-west zone.
  7. Ensure no underground tank is situated in the north-west zone.
  8. Do not install mirrors in the south-east or south corner of a room.
  9. Eliminate obstructions such as trees or light posts in front of the main door.
  10. Prohibit the presence of trees on the north side of the house.

Unlocking the Potential: Reaping the Benefits of North Facing House Vastu

Embracing the principles of North facing house Vastu yields manifold benefits:

  1. Climate Control: North-facing houses offer respite from the harsh sun, ensuring a cooler living environment conducive to comfort and well-being.
  2. Empowerment of Women: North-facing houses are associated with empowering women, fostering leadership qualities and personal growth.
  3. Educational Advancement: The absence of negative influences in the northeast corner augments the pursuit of knowledge, facilitating academic excellence and career success among residents.

In conclusion, the journey towards harnessing the potential of a north-facing house transcends mere orientation, encompassing a holistic integration of Vastu principles and individualized considerations. By conscientiously aligning spatial dynamics and adhering to prescribed guidelines, occupants can unlock the abundance of wealth and prosperity inherent in their living environment.

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