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Timeless Elegance: Vastu Shastra Principles for Wall Clock Placement

In the realm of home decor, the wall clock stands as a timeless emblem of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Despite the ubiquity of smartphones, the wall clock maintains its allure, offering a tangible means of timekeeping while enhancing the ambiance of any space.

While selecting a wall clock may seem like a simple task, adhering to Vastu Shastra principles can amplify its positive influence within your home. These ancient guidelines dictate the optimal placement of wall clocks to harmonize energy flow and cultivate prosperity. Let’s delve into some Vastu tips for placing your wall clock:

1. Directional Harmony:

  • Preferred Directions: Hang your wall clock on the North or East wall to invite auspicious energies into your home. These directions are revered for their association with positivity and growth.
  • Avoid South & West: Steer clear of placing your wall clock on the South or West walls, as they are believed to disrupt the flow of energy and invite negativity.

2. Height Consideration:

  • Eye Level Placement: Position your wall clock at eye level when seated, ensuring optimal visibility and aesthetic balance.
  • Avoid Extremes: Avoid extremes in height placement; neither too high nor too low is advisable.

3. Clockwise Motion:

  • Symbolic Progress: Opt for clocks that move in a clockwise direction, symbolizing progress and forward momentum in life. Avoid anti-clockwise or irregularly ticking timepieces.

4. Maintenance Matters:

  • Pristine Condition: Keep your wall clock clean and well-maintained to prevent the accumulation of dust and ensure the uninterrupted flow of positive energy.

5. Bedroom Caution:

  • Strategic Placement: Exercise caution when placing a wall clock in the bedroom, particularly if it faces the bed. Opt for positions where it is not directly visible from the bed to promote restful sleep.

Role of Wall Clocks in Vastu:

  • Vastu principles extend beyond architectural design to encompass the placement of objects within the home, including wall clocks. By aligning with Vastu guidelines, wall clocks can serve as conduits for peace and prosperity.

Vastu Tips for Wall Clocks:

  • Directional Significance: North and East directions are favored for wall clock placement, while South-facing clocks are to be avoided.
  • Shape and Material: Circular designs are preferred, with metallic clocks suited for the North and wooden ones for the East.
  • Maintenance Mandate: Ensure clocks are in working order, avoid sorrowful imagery, and keep glass frames clean for optimal Vastu compliance.

By integrating these Vastu tips into your decor scheme, you can harness the positive energies of your wall clock and infuse your living spaces with harmony and vitality.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. Where is the best location to place a wall clock according to Vastu?

The best location to place a wall clock according to Vastu is North or East. It is believed that the East is ruled by Indra. So, hanging a wall clock in this direction enhances the fame and prosperity of residents. If you want to attract wealth then hang the wall clock in the North, which is ruled by Kuber. Shop from Vaaree’s curated selection of Vastu approved wall clocks online from the comfort of your home!

2. Does the size of the wall clock matter when considering Vastu guidelines?

Yes, the size of the wall clock matters when considering Vastu guidelines. It is believed that the right wall clock size is between six to eighteen inches in diameter. 

3. Which direction should the wall clock face for positive energy flow?

For positive energy flow, wall clock direction as per Vastu should be North, East or North East. 

4. Can I place a wall clock in the bedroom according to Vastu?

Yes, you can place a wall clock in the bedroom according to Vastu. Just hang it in the North or East direction of your bedroom.

5. Can I place a wall clock in the bedroom?

It’s generally advised to avoid placing a clock in the bedroom. If necessary, place it on the North wall & ensure it doesn’t face the bed.

6. What if I have a mirror near the wall clock?

Avoid placing a mirror reflecting the clock, as it may create conflicting energies. Ensure the clock is not visible in the mirror.

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